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We are looking for a smart, responsible Sales Associate (Budtender) to join our Urban Bud store. We don't hire stoners, we hire professionals with experience in retail or customer service within the past 3-5 years.



As a Sales Associate (“Budtender”) the responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: politely greeting customers, recommending products, executing daily store initiatives, connecting with customers and exceeding their needs, functioning as a strong team player, demonstrating a strong work ethic, responsibly representing Urban Bud, exhibiting a passion-driven approach to cannabis, and most importantly, adhering to the WA State laws of the cannabis industry.



(Please make sure you meet all requirements below before submitting applying for employment at Urban Bud)

  • Must be 21+ years old, with no criminal record, and must have some form of transportation

  • While we love and use cannabis daily ourselves, we’re looking for sharp, intelligent professionals who responsibly take their job seriously and consistently perform every day the same.

  • Sustained consistent employment for the past three years. If you’ve been fired from an employer, you’re likely not a good fit for our organization. We’re seeking true, hard-working professionals with a steady/consistent work history.

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills. Candidate must be able to effectively communicate with customers, colleagues and management.

  • Total dedication to the company and flexibility with schedule.

  • Ability to take direction from management and execute accordingly.

  • Take initiative outside of your roles and responsibilities to help the company and team.

  • An open-minded, team-player mentality is critical to fitting into the culture and environment we’ve created. We’re more than just stores and teams, Urban Bud is a family of diverse people from all backgrounds and skill sets.


Provisional Hiring Agreement:  (90 Day Period)


This is applicable to all new hires of Urban Bud, Cannabis Co. It's designed to ensure it’s a good fit our new hire and Urban Bud, all new employees consent to a 90-day Provisional Hiring Agreement. During that time, the new employee will undergo training for their position, and management will assess their performance, and provide coaching to guide their learning experience. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Budtender product knowledge & sales technique

  • Cash handling & till management

  • Customer service

  • Security & LCB compliance

  • Roles & responsibilities of your position

  • Operating protocols and procedures

  • Store policies, and professional conduct


All new employees understand that Urban Bud reserves the right to part ways with an employee under any condition during the Provisional Hiring period.

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